Tanzania: Study on Tilapia Aquaculture and Genetics – Where Genetics meets Ecology


Within the framework of the FoodTechAfrica Tanzania Impact Cluster, the report “Tanzania: Tilapia Aquaculture and Genetics – Where Genetics meets Ecology” has been prepared.

Tanzania is on the brink of a large growth in aquaculture production. The country meets almost all the conditions needed for aquaculture: sufficient water, labour and ideal temperatures. The largest expansion in production is to be expected within tilapia aquaculture. At the same time, Tanzania has some extremely valuable aquatic ecosystems within its borders. The expansion of aquaculture could come into conflict with these ecosystems.

This report attempts to provide an overview of the tilapia genetics already present in Tanzania and where conflicts might occur. Bottlenecks are indicated and, where possible, solutions are suggested. This report should be read in the complete context of the FoodTechAfrica – Tanzanian Impact Cluster – “Demonstrating Dutch sustainable aquaculture best practices”.

Please send an e-mail to menno.morenc@larive.com if you wish to receive the full report.