Tanzania’s BigFish farm in transformation

Tanzania’s Big Fish farm in Dar es Salaam is morphing into a modern aquaculture production facility. Two new buildings have been constructed which will house Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for tilapia production and a hatchery producing high-quality YY-fingerlings. Last week, FoodTechAfrica aquaculture engineers were on site to monitor the progress of the construction on the farm.

FoodTechAfrica Tanzania

The project is part of FoodTechAfrica’s mission to demonstrate Dutch sustainable aquaculture best practices and provide training to boost fish farming in East Africa. The Righa’s Safina’s Big Fish farm in Dar es Salaam is the first project in Tanzania and supported by the partners Holland Aqua, Viqon, Fishion, Genap, Til Aqua, Larive International, Lattice Consulting and the Netherlands Government through the Impact Cluster initiative.

The Big Fish owner was very keen on getting the engineer’s perspective on how to proceed forward and made the effort and time to personally be on site to facilitate the visit. It was clear that the Big Fish team had been working hard over the past months, which spoke of their commitment and drive to champion advanced aquaculture systems and improved tilapia genetics in Tanzania.

The aquaculture engineers and construction team had a fruitful session, discussing the way forward, ensuring all were on the same wavelength. Considering the farm’s transformation is in full throttle, it was imperative to touch base with the team on the ground and have the engineers from the Netherlands and the construction team in Tanzania together.

For more info, please contact Bart Malaba.