BigFish hatchery team trained at Kamuthanga Farm by FoodTechAfrica specialists

At the start of this year, two employees of the Tanzanian Righa’s Safina’s BigFish farm traveled to Kamuthanga fish farm in Machakos for training. Over there, they received hands-on and practical training from two Dutch Aquaculture and Hatchery experts.

Peter and Pastory, both trained at Kamutanga, are currently working as key employees at the BigFish farm in Kigamboni, Tanzania. Soon, both will be responsible for the daily management of the new demonstration hatchery being. This hatchery is built on the farm as part of the FoodTechAfrica Tanzania Impact Cluster initiative. For this reason, it was both beneficial as well as important to experience all ins- and outs of a functioning hatchery and gain the understanding necessary to operate a hatchery successfully.  The visit constitutes a welcome opportunity for the BigFish team to get trained and gain best practices in hatchery management. This visit differs positively from only theoretical teaching as it demonstrated the day to day reality of fish farming in East Africa.

In the course of finalizing the construction of the BigFish hatchery in Kigamboni, follow-up training sessions have been scheduled to be conducted in Tanzania. These training sessions will assure that the entire BigFish team is well prepared for their tasks ahead.

For more info, please contact Bart Malaba.