SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Hunger in East Africa

Hunger is still a pressing issue in the East-African region. Not only do many still suffer from undernourishment, the hidden hunger of malnourishment further affects millions. Protein deficiencies in children and adults lead to life-long complications and loss of life


For many living in East-Africa, fish is the primary source of protein. Through increased production per capita, FoodTechAfrica provides high-quality proteins for an affordable price to local communities. The use of RAS technology allows for production to be close to urban centres, bringing food to where it is most demanded.

The development of commercial aquaculture does not only provide food and nutrition, but also contributes to food security through employment and economic growth. Moreover, by providing high-quality inputs through nucleus farms, small-holder farmers are able to provide food for themselves, their families and their local community.