SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Industrialization in East-Africa

East-Africa is experiencing a true industrialization drive. Many of the individual governments have made industrialization the spearhead of their policy, aiming to reach middle-income status or beyond. Yet this drive is stifled by a lack of access to the required capital and technology.

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive
and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

Our contribution

Through innovation and by providing decades of combined expertise, FoodTechAfrica supports the development of the aquaculture industry. Key infrastructure to sustainably develop the entire sector has been build, including the first extruded floating fish feed mill in Nairobi. Production in aerated systems exemplifies innovation in infrastructure, successfully adapting a high-technology solution to local context of East-Africa. Local sourcing of ingredients leads to further innovation and adds value to agriculture products. By exploring pioneering technological solutions in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, such as solar-based electricity systems or insects for fish feed, innovation is fostered. In turn, this innovation provides
market opportunities for business growth.